Welcome to a place of enchantment. Female. 34. Southern Belle in Atlanta. Body positive. Feminist. Pansexual. Mixed race. Likes mustelids, kittens, tea, cooking, Vajrayana Buddhism, Paganism, witchcraft, voudoun, alchemy, mythology, astronomy, anime, Canada, Japan, England, retro video games, regional Burning Man events, fire-spinning, and travelling.
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It’s really hard to keep up with even personal hygiene or eating when I’m so weak and exhausted all the time. But through all this, I’ve been starting to pick back up taking meticulous care of my hands again, growing my nails out just long enough to do an American manicure, keeping my cuticles neat and moisturised and free edges filed. You know why? So I can take all those pictures of my engagement ring on my hand and have it all look awesome in November. I’m so glad I’m a cosmetologist and do my own nails. I couldn’t possibly run around getting this done by someone else.

It’s all been a total godsend, being able to cut and colour my own (short) hair, do my own pedicures, treat my own skin, because I’m also an aesthetician now. Who knew I’d get so sick and could hardly ever leave the house, but I’d be self-sufficient when it happened?